Frequently Asked Questions

Why belong to CALAMCO?

CALAMCO membership gives growers the insurance of having a secure source of nitrogen-based fertilizers with their ownership of the only ammonia terminal in the state. In addition, CALAMCO’s profits are paid out in annual dividends to their grower-members.

Who qualifies to be a member of CALAMCO?

Any grower or authorized fertilizer dealer who purchases nitrogen based fertilizer in the state of California qualifies to be a member of CALAMCO.

What products are available, and where can I buy my fertilizers?

CALAMCO currently markets three products - anhydrous ammonia, aqua ammonia, and AN20. In addition, the J.R. Simplot company uses CALAMCO ammonia in its California production facilities, offering a wide array of nitrogen based fertilizers which qualify for CALAMCO coverage. There are authorized fertilizer retailers conveniently located throughout California. Talk to your dealer...chances are you already qualify.

How much stock do I need?

Stock ownership is based on your fertilizer needs. Your shareholder representative can help you calculate the amount of nitrogen used in your farming operation on an annual basis. Each share of stock covers an entitlement of .15 tons of nitrogen or ammonia equivalent. In order to maximize your return on investment, you would need to purchase enough stock to cover your average nitrogen use on an annual basis.

How do I purchase stock?

CALAMCO has two programs for purchasing stock. The stock can be paid in full at the time of purchase, or you may elect to spread the payments out over four years with a 25% down payment, and seven percent interest calculated on the balance.