A success story that spans over 65 Years!

After founding The Best Fertilizers Co. in 1932, Lowell W. Berry had a vision to form California Ammonia Co. (CALAMCO), a joint venture involving The Best Fertilizers Co. and a group of California farmers. CALAMCO was incorporated in 1957 for the principal purpose of manufacturing and selling anhydrous ammonia to its own stockholder-patrons in accordance with their preferred patronage rights. 1958 marked the construction of the ammonia plant at Lathrop.

  • In 1978, financing of an ammonia terminal at the Port of Stockton was approved by CALAMCO’s Board of Directors, and construction of the first tank began.
  • By the end of 1981, CALAMCO had expanded to two 20,000 ton storage tanks and had established itself as a major terminal operation, importing ammonia from world-wide sources.

CALAMCO’s success story does not end here. CALAMCO continues to explore new sources of product and ways in which to enrich our future. We are committed to supplying our shareholders with a reliable source of product at the lowest possible cost, and to continue the vision set forth in 1957 by our founders.

Become a part of the CALAMCO success story by investing in your future with a company that is already a proven winner.

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